Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I had an eye on these for a very long time and I love Susan´s blog,
it was the very first vegan blog to discover, a whole new revelation for me.
Thanks to her generous blogroll I started discovering others
but her blog, her delishious yet mostly simple receips and those great tasty looking pictures always make me come back and see what new creation she has come up with.

I never seemed to have tofu and tahini at the same time..when I was looking through my pantry ..and MUSHROOMS! I have always loved quiche, and there is a bakery here in Barcelona which made them with loads of cream and eggs, they are a fond childhood having the opportunity to veganize them got straight to my heart..and so did this receip!

Soooooo good!

Mini Crustless Tofu Mushroom Quiche

-1/2 soft tofu
-2table spoon tahini
-1tblsp nutritional yeast
-1/4 cup soymilk
-1tblsp garbanzo flouer
mix all ingredients in your food processor until smooth texture

in a pan:
-bring onions to shimmer, add chopped bell pepper and mushroom till they start to exude their juices. Add rosmery , pepper and salt to taste, any other spices like cummin is also great!

Add the mixture with the tofu paste you have created and mix with a spoon till all ingredients are equally spread. Spoon into muffin cups..i had onlybig ones ..but the smaller the spongier the more youll be able to stuff these little sinless delisious veggie tarts in your mouth ;)

20-30 min in the oven until theyare golden brown on top...

while waiting I prepared a simple salad and got me some toast

Simple salad:

baby mixed leafes
-cherry tomatoes
-carroys thinly sliced
-mix trail, oil and balsamic vinegar

-I buttered one whole wheat toast in avocado with a little salt´n pepper!

preparing toast to be devoured...

I love putting the salad on the toast and eat it with my hands like a sandwich..i squashed one delishious quiche on top of the whole wheat toast with avocado spread and salad! SO GOOD!

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