Thursday, November 11, 2010


YEAY! WUUWUU! I have a new incredible receip to share..well NEW INVENTION!!! My dear blogger world! So first I will say ,I will have to clear some things in order to let you in on how i came upon this incredible discovery ;) So I grew uo in Barcelon, my childhos are filled with loads of waking up to sunshine and morning breakfast was mostly bread, yogurt and fruit, light and fresh. Even our winters didn´t require any belly warming say..oats. Even though my education is german ,oatmeal really didn´t make it often to my wish ist..and honestly..i am a little ashamed to say so,still isn´t.The pleasure I get out of oats is when they are crunchy a.ka granola, best when homemade, this my Mom used to prepare as a snack sometimes..or in form of a biscuit. I see most of my favourite blogs reeinventing oatmeal with incredible passion and so I try ..and try again, the pictures look so delicious theire lust for it so It somehow still hasn´t put a spell on me..I´ll keep on trying until then...SO when I discovered oats in a jar, i though ..ok, I Am obsessed about nutbutters maybe this will be a winner....still no. and I was sad..very sad..Today I found a jar that was screaming OIJ! OIJ! but , since i am on a nutritionists eating plan, my diet requested yogurt. I had YIJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I love about YOGURT IN A JAR is basically the same you get with OIJ..I LOVE my new invention YIJ becasue of many things some of them: you can have a spoon full of surprise,you can let it rest a little while you type some new website, or scroll can scrap around with your spoon endlessly,lick the rest of with your fingers!! and its pure delicious! I had the most amazing combination: Hazelnutbutter jar, yogurt of your choice, coconut,soy...and delicious fresh vanilla powder , some agave and topped with even more fresh sweeeet rasberrys! SOOOOOOOOO GOOOD!

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